• Image of Headman «6 EP III»
  • Image of Headman «6 EP III»

Headman «6 EP III»


Headman's simply titled 6 album was an all-star affair, with the Relish boss fusing his usual new wave, post-punk, disco, house and techno with an impressive cast of collaborators. Fittingly, this third remix EP features a similarly high-grade roll call of remixers. Alejandro Paz makes the biggest impression, delivering a no-nonsense, percussion-led remix of "Take Me To The Top", featuring the distinctive vocals of Hiem man Bozzwell. Modern day minimal wave man Manfredas drops a sparse and atmospheric, all-analogue rework of Brassica hook-up "Work", before Optimo act Shift Work delivers a surging, off-kilter, bleep-heavy interpretation of Gramme collaboration "Sleep Red". There's also a pared-down Headman rework of "Number 9" - think woozy synths and basic drum machine rhythms.

A1 feat Brassica: Work (Manfredas Remix feat. Autarkic) 07:13

A2 feat Sam from Gramme: Sleep Red! (Shift Work Remix) 04:09

B1 feat Bozzwell: Take me to the Top (Alejandro Paz Remix) 04:10

B2 Number 9 Rework