• Image of Dario & Dersu «River EP»
  • Image of Dario & Dersu «River EP»

Dario & Dersu «River EP»


Dario & Dersu are from Basel, Dario is a musical pioneer in his city, since a long time he is djing, producing and dropping extra-ordinary nights ranging from soul to techno. As part of Alma Negra, Dario & Dersu along with their buddies Mario and Diego, have built themselves a strong reputation for producing state-of-the-art and progressive afrodiscoboogie-influenced music or whatever you want to call it, they are constantly championed by people like Gilles Peterson, because their music it truly unique and has an original vibe. On the solo-path of D+D they introduce us to this Detroit-tingled house EP which is nothing less than quality and shows the other side of the black soul.

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