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Azul Loose Ties ‎«Album Sampler One»


Early 2018 brings the second release of one of the labels co-founders. The record is considered to be a sample of a future Longplayer. Between Slow House and Future Jazz, the two tracks contain a blend of stimulating rhythm and meditative vibes, conjoining dancefloor and living room atmospheres.

Azul is the individual, Loose Ties the family. The interest in rhythm and simplicity, programming organic structures with soulless machines reflects his main concern. Music is intrinsically linked to life. In his case that means, working in architecture on one hand, where accuracy and structure are fundamental and being a dancer on the other hand, where emotions get physical and the body becomes the leader. This mind and body confrontation / connection is mirrored in Azul's music, where structure and the desire to let loose are in continuous dialogue.

Label: Hommes Du Monde/Underground Soul

CHF 10.- statt CHF 16.-
Format: 12"

Hand numbered limited edition of 100

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